St. Joseph Church


St. Joseph Church


Location: San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu

Titular: St. Joseph, March 19

Parish Priest: Rev. Alvin Lao, MSC, VF


          St. Joseph Parish became a parish in 1863 and is independent from the town of Poro. It is the oldest church in Camotes located at Pacijan Island in the town of San Francisco (formerly known as Suangan). This church is dedicated to the Fatherhood of St. Joseph.

           In 1886, the parish had a modest church of wood and “tabique” (spanish word which means partition) built on a meter high foundation of rubble, “nipa” (filipino word which means palm) roof and a wooden floor. The convent was similarly constructed. Because the colonial church had many developments and repairs, the current St. Joseph Church now looks like a modern day church. The only thing that remains in history is the name and the birth of Christianization in the town.