Santiago Apostol Parish


Location: Badian, Cebu


Titular:  St. James The Apostle

Patron: St. James The Apostle

Contact number: 4759063


             For years, the church of the parish of Santiago Apostol in the town of Badian was distinctive because of its red-colored clay roof tiles. It also had a belfry perched on top of the pediment of the church façade. Most old pictures of this church show these distinctive marks. These are now non-existent. The tile roof was replaced with galvanized iron sometime in the late 1990s while the belfry was removed in 2007 upon advice by conservation architects form the National Historical Institute (NHI) to relieve the pressure on two columns of the façade which formed a portico.

             The church has kept much of its old features. Foremost of these is the retablo albeit with an incongruous shiny dark green tile wall. It has also retained its colorful machuca tiled floor, named after the major manufacturer of Mediterranean style baldoza cement tiles, Don Jose Machuca.

               The choir loft is likewise a distinctive feature. It is supported by two meter thick columns of coral stone and lime mortar somewhat like the ones in Samboan. Upper galleries radiate from both sides of the choir loft almost reaching the nave. A tonavoz, or sound box, parches from the railings of the gallery on the right side, clearly missing the lower part which would have been the pulpit.

               The parish was established on August 26, 1825 (Redondo, 1886: 171-172) and celebrates its fiesta every July 25. The church of Badian is made of coral stone. It approached from the bottom of a small hill past a very big grassy plaza.

              The convent stands a little distance to the left of the church. It is made of coral stones at the lower part and the walls of the upper part are tabique pampango, The convent however has gone through some renovations to suit the needs of the priests. (LEA/MAJ)