St. Agustine Parish


San Agustin Parish

Location: Alcantara, 6033 Cebu


Titular: St. Augustine, August 28

Contact number: (032) 473 9034


     Alcantara, a town situated on the southwestern side of Cebu, is one of many Philippine town celebrating the life of San Agustin. The parish used to be a visita of Moalboal and was established in 1850. Alcantara is the smallest town in the province of Cebu in terms of land area. It is one of the few towns in the province that is located inland. The 2007 census lists its population at a little over 13, 000.

                   The old name of the town used to be Kudtong, the name of a big fish which used to inhabit a spring in the middle of the town. The name was changed to Alcantara during the Spanish colonial period. The renaming of towns with those of Spanish places was a common practice of homesick Spanish official.

                 The first to serve this parish was Fr. Agustin Melgat. It was Fr. Melgat who began church construction in 1850. Fr. Cayetano Gelbolingo carried out a reconstruction of the old church 117 years after in 1967 which he finished by 1975.

              When one enters the town of Alcantara, the visage of the church greets the visitor quite suddenly when national highway makes a quick turn to the right. A huge statue of San Agustin de Hiponia dominates the grounds in the front of the church. The convent can be found at the right side of the church which is within a cement fence bordering the church grounds.





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