Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church


Location: Guadalupe, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu



Titular: Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Cebu,  December 12

Patroness: Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, July 16

Contact number: (032) 254 4593


             Sometime in the year 1880, Ricardo Ramirez, a wild chicken trapper who lived in the forested area of what was then Barrio Banawan (now Barangay Guadalupe), in the course of his trapping activities, saw a light flashing from a cave known as “langub na duha’y baba” (cave with two mouths) near the river called Sapang Diyot in Barangay Kalunasan in Cebu. Surprised by what he saw, Ramirez called the attention of the other trappers who were near him but when they looked, they could not see anything. Ricardo decided to investigate the source of the light inside the cave. He got inside and saw that the light flashes came from an image of Our Lady. The image was standing atop a naturally formed rock, beside which a slow drip of water cascaded into a basin -shaped rock on the floor.This revered Image was transferred from the cave to a level ground near the river. On this site, a hermitage, made of light materials, was erected. During the Philippine-American War, the hermitage was burnt down. For this reason, the holy Image was translated to the Church of San Nicolas, Cebu. In olden times, the hermitage and the cave were widely visited by the faithful who came to seek support and protection from the venerated Image in order to find remedies to their afflictions.

              The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Cebu is distinct from that of the one at Extremadura and that of the apparition at Mexico. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Cebu is actually a rendition of an image of the La Purisima Concepcion / Inmaculada Concepcion (Immaculate Conception) common to the Visayas.

               The Parish Priest of San Nicolas gave his consent for the construction of a small chapel in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe in kalunasan, and agreed to lend them the two feet wooden image they saw in the convent on their yearly novena and fiesta celebration. However, he also made them promise that the image should be returned to the San Nicolas after the fiesta. According to the narration of Florencio “Noy Rencio” Tabal, the parishioners from Pasil resented the lending of the image to the Chapel of Banawan for the first fiesta celebration, and they would always try to prevent the procession from leaving San Nicolas by blocking the path but the people of Banawan, more numerous than them, persisted and always succeeded in bringing the image to the chapel. During this time, the name of the barrio became Guadalupe because word got around that the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe appeared in a cave in Banawan. Every December, the image was borrowed from San Nicolas. The image would be brought inside the cave where it was found on the Saturday after December 12 for a Mass and would be brought back to San Nicolas the next day, a Sunday.









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Baptism, Christening, Wedding & Special Masses Monday to Saturday 7:00AM -5:30 PM