1 Archdiocesan Commission on Service Chairman : Fr. Socrates M. Saldua
Vice-Chairman : Fr. Alex K. Cola, Jr.
2 Archdiocesan Commission on Formation Chairman : Msgr. Vicente Rey M. Penagunda
3 Archdiocesan Commission  on Social Communications Chairman: Msgr. Agustin V. Ancajas
4 Centennial House Maintenance  and Repair In-Charge Msgr. Agustin V. Ancajas
5 Archdiocesan Commission on Ecumenism Chairman: Fr. Carmelo O. Diola
6 Archdiocesan Commission on Mission Chairman: Fr. Euselito A. Tulipas
7 Archdiocesan Commission on  Cultural Heritage of the Church Chairman: Fr. Brian C. Brigoli
8 Archdiocesan Commission On Youth Chairman : Fr. Kit S. Sestoso
Vice-Chairman : Fr. Mark Rommel B. Barneso
9 Archdiocesan Sub-Commission on Ongoing Formation of Priests Chairman: Fr. Jonald M. Concha
Vice-Chairman: Fr. Fiel G. Suico
10 Archdiocesan Sub-Commission on  Basic Ecclesial Communities Chairman: Fr. Arnulfo S. Rendon
11 Archdiocesan Sub-Commission on  Family   and Life Apostolate Chairman: Fr. Eligio M. Suico
12 Vacation/Pastoral Abroad In-Charge Fr. Eligio M. Suico
13 Archdiocesan Sub-Commission on Lay Organization and Movements Chairman: Msgr.  Rogelio T. Fuentes
14 Archdiocesan Commission on  Healthcare Providers Chairman: Fr. Joseph Y. De Aquino
15 Priests’ Hospitalization In-Charge Fr. Joseph Y. De Aquino
16 Archdiocesan Wellness Program Chairman: Fr. Mario T. Villacastin
17 Archdiocesan Committee on Extraordinary Phenomena Chief Inquirer : Msgr. Vicente Rey M. Penagunda
Member: Fr. Ramon P. Echica
Member: Fr. Eligio M. Suico
18 Archdiocesan Committee on Visiting Clerics Presiding Officer : Fr. Melchor L. Urgel
19 Archdiocesan Committee on Canonical Erection of New Parishes Chairman: Msgr. Phil James C. Tumulak
20 Archdiocesan Committee on Review and Preparation for Quasi Parishes Chairman: Msgr. Phil James C. Tumulak
21 Archdiocesan Commission on Worship Chairman : Fr. Glenn Therese Q. Guanzon
22 Archdiocesan Media Relations Liason Officer : Msgr. Joseph C. Tan
23 Archdiocesan Promotion ff the Devotion to San Pedro Calungsod Chairman : Fr. Charles Louis N. Jayme
24 Archdiocesan Labor Apostolate Director: Fr. Ladislao A. Tangente
25 Cebu Archdiocesan Program for Self-Reliance (Caps-R Grameen) Chairman: Fr. Wendell Jose B. Balbuena
26 Archdiocesan Prison Apostolate Director: Fr. Crescenciano T. Ubod
27 Vicar For Team Ministries Fr. Brendan D. Señoron
28 Standardized Living Allowance (Sla)     In-Charge Fr. Brendan D. Señoron
29 Vicar For Social Advocacies Fr. Nazario L. Vocales
30 Vicar For Priests with  Special Needs Fr. Cristeto R. Mendez
31 Grievance And Priests’ Concerns    In-Charge Fr. Cristeto R. Mendez
32 Vicar for Religious with Diocesan Right Msgr. Guillermo D. Gorre
33 Vicar For Retired Priests Msgr. Pascual M. Ypil
34 Archdiocesan Economic Office Officer: Fr. Carlo T. Aguilar
35 Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Cebu Judicial Vicar: Msgr. Raul. T. Go
36 Archdiocesan Chancery Chancellor: Msgr. Renato C. Beltran, Jr.
Vice-Chancellor: Fr. Joseph M. Larida
Moderator Curiae: Msgr. Cayetano M. Gelbolingo
37 Archdiocesan Catholic Schools of Cebu Superintendent : Fr. Jesper John R. Petralba
Assistant Superintendent : Fr. Joseph C. Yntig
38 Archdiocesan Vocation Promotion Chairman: Rev. Fr. June Dave B. Villaceran
39 Cebu Archdiocesan Property Administration Chief Operations Officer: Rev. Fr. Joseph Stephen N. Anore
40 Archdiocesan Seminaries Rector: Fr. Benedicto John C. Sarchez, Jr.
Rector: Msgr. Vicente Rey M. Penagunda
Director: Msgr. Rogelio T. Fuentes
41 Cebu Archdiocesan Apotleship ff The Sea Chaplain & Spiritual Director: Rev. Fr. John C. Mission
42 Cebu Archdiocesan Commission on Migrants and Itinerant People Chairman: Rev. Fr. Ulyses A. Desales
43 Commission on Catholic Education Chairman: Rev. Fr. Eduardo O. Ventic
44 Archdiocesan Biblical Apostolate Director: Rev. Fr. Jose Adonis N. Aquino
45 Archdiocesan Sub-Commission on Catechetical Apostolate Chairman: Fr. Antonio G. Zamora, Jr.
46 Archdiocesan Discernment Group (Adg) In-Charge Msgr. Romualdo G. Kintanar
47 International Eucharistic Congress       (Iec) 2016 Secretary General Of Local Committee:
Msgr. Dennis C. Villarojo